calcinations (calcinations) wrote,

How the jobs market works, or rather how language is distorted by job adverts

For a mere £6.65 an hour, you are expected to have excellent communication skills, ability to work alone or following company policy, have excellent customer facing skills.
Basically my brain has trouble processing how you are expected to be so wonderful and excellent, yet are only being offered a mere 6.65 an hour, which on a 37.5 hour week (note we often used to get 40 hours weeks, i.e. lunch breaks were paid. Not anymore), turns out to be £12,967 a year, which nowadays simply isn't a living wage. The cost of living has increased by at least 20% since the recession began, but salaries have declined or stagnated for most people. And that's not including the cost of housing.

So the word excellent is being tortured in service to the usual exploit the workers situation.
Tags: politics
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