calcinations (calcinations) wrote,

I've been busy and tired, but have a rant

I need to buy a new waterproof jacket for hillwalking. Not skiing, so it doesn't need to be padded and warm. Not climbing, so it doesn't need to fit like a glove and stretch and have lots of seams for water to get in.
No, it should be waterproof, breathable and importantly, have a good deep hood within which I can hide my face.

These points are fairly simple, after all.

But I cannot find a jacket with a decent hood. I'm willing to accept that the current fashion for unflapped zips that are somehow magically waterproof by themselves, is something unavoidable. And that I'll have to pay in the 3 figures for something long lasting, strong and properly breathable.

But every jacket I've tried on, by all sorts of manufacturers, many expensive, high class ones included, has a titchy wee hood that is of no use at all.
Every fucking one! It's hopelesss. You'd think stupid corporations would like people using their product to have a good time, but no, they want me to get a wet face, to have my nose freeze off from all the snow on it, or piling up on my glasses. Having a good deep hood is a matter of safety and comfort. It's hard to see out of glasses that are coated with water or snow, and cold wet noses or chins are no fun at all.

So I'm going to have to start a campaign for them to make real jackets with proper hoods.

One way you can tell the manufacturers are following each other and some moronic idea of fashion is that 99% of jackets are cut short. You'd think the stupid bastards had never been to business school and not heard about product differentiation. Why should I buy manufacturer X jacket over Y when they have identical features????

Longer, mid-thigh length jackets are ideal for walkers, because they help catch the drips from rucsacs, and give better protection all round. They also make walking more comfortable because a lot of the time you don't need you waterproof trousers on because there is only a small gap between gaiters and jacket, but that gap is big enough to let moisture out. But if the jacket is short like they are now, you will need to put your waterproof trousers on as soon as it starts to rain because of the water coming off the jacket and the bigger target your bottom and thighs make.

It really is stupid how naff some areas of walking gear are now. No attention paid to detail and effectiveness. Some thought has gone into some parts of the jackets, but mostly it is clear they are just being fashionable and not asking what walkers actually want and what will be best for them.
So a pox on all of them.
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