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Always important to note

that the your average American worker hasn't had a pay rise for 30 years; all the benefits of the last 30 years of growth have gone to a tiny minority. Sure, there are more electronic toys and you can buy a greater variety of cheap clothing, but actual standard of living are not improved.

THis is not a new issue. I was looking through a book I have, published in 1997, "The United States of Anger" by Gavin Esler. It describes situations very like in the above article, despite being 20 years younger. The descriptions of people's hopes and fears and actions, and associated anger, match those seen now, when if anything things are worse now for even more people.

Unfortunately similar things have been happening here in the UK, cushioned only by our welfare system, which has become increasingly tyranical, as if you can make people get jobs that just don't exist. THe trend is downwards, except for the top few percent in income.
So the question as always is what can be done about it?
Tags: politics
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