calcinations (calcinations) wrote,

On the new QUeensferry bridge?

I saw this nice bit of film on the BBC website, showing you round parts of the new bridge.

The bit they don't show you is the south end. They spend a lot of time at the north end, but not the south.
Why woud that be, I wonder?

Well, if you look closely at the south approach to the bridge, there are 5 supports that have the road deck on them before the towers take the strain.
The first 3 and last one are fine and full height and the road deck has been rolled out onto them. You can find photos of it all online if you look, but I couldn't see one showing what I want to show, and it's hard to take such a photo when driving over the older road bridge.

So you'll have to imagine it instead, although I'd rather use a photo.
THe 4th support out though was, as of last week, still barely even halfway complete in height. This is a little odd given the fact that the other 4 are fine and complete. My source from Port Edgar Yacht club tells me that they've had more than a little trouble with getting the foundations right for this 4th support and that it has been leaning a bit. Which explains why it isn't finished yet. And also why the bridge builders might encourage the camera crews from going near the south end of it.

Sure, there is a good possibility they'll manage to sort it out in time to finish the bridge properly, but at the moment it looks rather like they're keeping it quiet in the hope that they can and everything will come right in the end. Hopefully other parts of the build won't develop a lean.
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